Photo by Sophie Gamand

Photo by Sophie Gamand

Bella Mia is a True Fashionista at heart. She is a Therapy Dog, Service Dog and Pupscout. Bella Mia is passionate about Fashion, Travel, Volunteering her time, Donating to Charitable Causes and of course there are her Spa Days.

From the finest restaurants, theatre, and opera, Bella Mia goes everywhere. Large or small, she is always impeccably dressed for every occasion, exhibiting her grace and style.

Some of Bella Mia’s favorite places to visit are the Ronald McDonald House and Little Neck Nursing Home. Bella Mia prances in with her Daddy and Mommy modeling another new creation, as all the ladies swoon and children want to hold her.

Bella Mia’s wardrobe rivals some of New York’s best dressed, making her one white-hot pup in the city. Bella Mia looks at fashion as a form of art and loves keeping up with the trends while adding her own flair. Her wardrobe is sometimes inspired by other Divas like her. Bella Mia’s hot pink bikini and cover up were modeled after one worn by Jennifer Lopez, and at the Polo Matches you found her wearing the Julia Robert’s infamous Pretty Woman dress. This array of fashion shows Bella Mia adores designer labels yet revels in vintage clothing, allowing her to stay true to her personal style.

Between manicures, fittings and playing with her friends, Bella Mia’s sweet and attentive nature is the cornerstone of her personality and beauty. Always calm and gentle, Bella Mia’s true elegance radiates from the inside out, making her the genuine Snow White fashionista she is.



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